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EPU «AI Medical Physics & Radiation Oncology»


The 2nd edition of our cutting-edge master-class will take place at Gustave Roussy, Ecole des Sciences du Cancer from 8th to 10th of November 2021, with renowned speakers from the best French cancer centers (IGR, CLB, ICM), top notch engineering schools (University Paris-Saclay’s MINE ParisTech and Centrale Supelec) and the leading medical tech company of the field (Therapanacea).
Register and learn how to practice high precision radiotherapy by combining medical imaging, AI, physics and mathematics.

Enseignement Post-Universitaire

Gustave Roussy hosts this high level training on cutting edge AI applications for medical physicists, radiation oncologists, researchers, physicians, and students in medical physics/radiation oncology/radiology/nuclear medicine. And for the 1st time, lectures and practical sessions will be 100% in English, so that people from abroad can apply. Please note that the training will be held face to face at Ecole des Sciences du Cancer. Of course, all precautions will be undertaken regarding the COVID situation.

Objectives of the training
     - Introducing AI vocabulary and basic concepts
     - Identifyting putative applications of AI in medical physics (medical imaging and radiotherapy)
     - Understanding mathematical basis of main algorithms used in machine learning and deep learning
     - Enforcing these tools during practical sessions on computers .

Target audience 
Medical physicists, radiation oncologists, engineers, researchers, physicists, and students in medical physics/radiation oncology/radiology/nuclear medicine.

Required background
Basics of PYTHON (note that half a day of updates about it is planned during the training).

3 days from the 8th to the 10th of November 2021.

Gustave Roussy, Ecole des Sciences du Cancer (Salle 23 - ONYX), 39 rue Camille Desmoulins, Villejuif.


- Eric Deutsch (Gustave Roussy, Villejuif)
-Vincent Grégoire (CLCC Léon Bérard, Lyon)
-Nikos Paragios (Therapanacea, Paris / Centrale Supélec, Paris)
-David Sarrut (CLCC Léon Bérard, Lyon)
-Pascal Fenoglietto (CRLC Val d’Aurelle, Montpellier)
-Charlotte Robert (Gustave Roussy, Villejuif)

Scientific partners

-SIRIC Montpellier Cancer
-SIRIC Lyrican (Lyon)
-SIRIC SOCRATE 2.0 (Gustave Roussy)
-Centrale Supélec
-Institut du Cancer Montpellier
-Centre Léon Bérard

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Day 1

  • Introducing AI (vocabulary, global methodology…)
  • Applications in radiotherapy and medical imaging – views of the radiation oncologist and the medical physicist
  • Upgrade of knowledge in Python (course and practical work)

Day 2

  • Optimization and main algorithms of machine learning
  • Machine learning practical work: radiomics for classification of brain lesions  

Day 3

  • Deep learning and neuronal networks
  • Deep learning practical work: MRI-based image segmentation


Your CV, motivation letter and a copy of your last degree will be asked. The deadline for submission is March 1, 2021.

Applications will be evaluated and selected applicants will be notified by the end of February 2021.

Registration is limited to 25 students.

Please note: applicants should bring their laptop for the training. Instructions will be sent prior to the training in order to install a Python compatible environment.

Cost: 500 €

Please note the following important points for a smooth processing of your application:
No payment is needed at the first step of your application

A payment will be asked only if your application is selected (you will be notified shortly after the decision of the selection committee)



Christine CORINUS


Charlotte ROBERT & Alexandre BOBARD
Gustave Roussy, Villejuif


Registrations closed